About Us

Our Unique Approach

We provide a system to help you quit smoking that is unique.  It gets to the underlying addiction to smoking and provides you a way to quit faster than most other products with fewer withdrawal symptons, no risk of side effects, and is less expensive than other quit smoking products.  And it comes with a no questions asked money-back guarantee.

Our Story

Like most smokers, I had quit smoking several times.  But every time I quit I would eventually start smoking again.

I decided I needed to quit for the same reasons that most people want to quit:

  • I stopped enjoying smoking cigarettes
  • I was tired of spending money on cigarettes and the expense was just getting greater as prices kept rising
  • I was getting concerned about the effect on my health and effect on my family’s health from second hand smoke

I decided that I needed to quit, but this time would be the last time.

So how could I make this the last time I would quit and how could I avoid ever starting to smoke again?

As I was looking into methods to quit smoking I realized that all of the commonly available methods of quitting provided no assurance that I would be able to quit and make it the last time I would ever need to quit.

A New Approach to Quitting Smoking

Then I stumbled on a method used by others to achieve results in other areas, like professional speakers and athletes.  I realized if this method could work for them to get the results they are getting, then I might be able to use it to help myself quit smoking.

I put the method to work and used it daily for a few minutes a day for a period of about 4 weeks.  At the end of the 4 weeks I came to my quit date and I smoked my last cigarette.

I had experienced the cravings that come after quitting when I had quit previously, so I knew what I was going to have to deal with.  And I used the method to help overcome the cravings.  Surprisingly, they were easier to overcome than I thought they would be.

I started to experience the benefits of quitting within a few days, and my health kept improving.  I was able to get through the first two to three days without reverting to smoking, and the cravings started to diminish.

You Can Quit

The method I used to quit is available to anyone who wants to quit smoking.  Click on the button below and in a few short weeks you can quit smoking cigarettes forever with no patches, gum, or pills and without the negative side-effects of most quit smoking methods.  And it is backed by our no questions asked money-back guarantee.